Powder Room Beauty Awards
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Powder Room Beauty Awards

Powder Room is the oldest online community on cosmetics in South Korea, with a passionate community of over 190 million members. Twice a year members of the Powder Room community cast their votes months for their must-have beauty essentials and the most popular products are showcased in the “Powder Room Beauty Awards”.

What is Powder Room?

Powder Room (파우더룸) is known as the oldest online community on cosmetics in South Korea. The platform started in 2003 as a fan café on the Korean search engine Naver and it’s still active to this day

Over the years, it has evolved into a community of over 190 million members who share similar interests. Powder Room users can choose to browse and contribute to topics such as daily life, beauty, cosmetics, shopping, fashion, and food.

This makes Powder Room one of the oldest and most well-regarded online places for expert advice, tips, and hacks on all things beauty in South Korea. Even though it has been present for over 20 years, it has remained an intimate and safe space for users. Besides browsing and scrolling through daily news and the ranking sections of the app, Powder Room has dedicated sections on shopping, fashion, food, and daily life. 

Powder Room

In 2013, the company launched a dedicated app, giving fans a place to instantly get the latest news, watch tips and tricks and share personal reviews or articles. This made finding and trying new products so much easier, and gave beauty aficionados a place where to share their beauty routines and methods, along with the latest trends. This mix of fan-based and brand-led content helps strike the ideal balance between highlighting big names as well as beauty newcomers.